Friday, July 29, 2011

Interim offices and job interviews

This week, I have been mostly visiting several interim offices in the city that I am living and have been invited for several job interviews.

During my last weeks in Ghana, I had created a profile on several Belgian job hunting websites (Stepstone, Monster, Vacature, ...). I would recommend everybody to do that, especially if you have a technical profile like me.

I wouldn't call the response 'massive', but I have been invited on a daily basis to one or two interviews at several companies and organisations, even though this is 'holiday season'.

My problem is that I am not yet sure if I really want to do that, working in ICT again, I mean. I will need a bit of time to orientate myself and to get to know what I actually want, but the several invitations give me some 'interview experience' again and brings me in touch with several business cultures.

At the same time, I have registered myself with the several interim offices. Up to now, they have been a bit disappointing. I mostly got mismatches (a company that needed a person with knowledge of physically installing fiber optic cable, is not a good vacancy for me) or nothing at all. Maybe they are not a good place for an informatician.

But still, I feel like I have been a good citizen this week and made some kind of 'progress'. I am curious what offers I might get.

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