Friday, August 19, 2011

Most Interesting Job Interview Ever (2)

Well, it happened again and very interesting it was.

I had another interview today. The appointment was made somewhere last week by headhunters' bureau X. They said that this company was 'interested in my profile', but didn't give me any details about the job or which particular section of my CV that they were interested in. As the company is placed relatively far from my residence, it would take me at least 90 minutes to get there. All this considered made me kind of skeptic towards the whole interview, but I decided to go anyway.

The office was nice, clean and not too 'square'. It looked like a modernly renovated house and people were amicable towards each other.

When I presented myself, I was brought to the right manager (let's call him Georges) and noticed that the said guy was aware of my coming, but not of my CV. So again, I asked myself, why did bureau X send me all the way out here? I counted the hours that I had waisted in the public transport and thought of the betters things that I could have done in the meantime at home or in the sun (it was actually nice weather).

"So, you have been running a hotel in West-Africa?", Georges started. It flattered me that he obviously approved of my sense of adventure. Formalities were done and the interview could start. Georges started by explaining what the company did, that they run a consultancy for small sized offices that need advice on how to do their IT infrastructure, among that was also a helpdesk that was using the typical ticketing service and ...

Amidst his explanation, all of a sudden he stopped. He put down his papers, I imagine even almost hearing a sigh. He leaned a bit forward on his desk and shared with me: "This must all sound so boring if you have been working abroad for two years, doesn't it?"

At first I honestly did not know how to react and out of habit pulled my poker face, but it was already clear to both of us that there would be no win-win situation in this job interview. "Maybe you have short termed projects where I could be of service?", I tried, but Georges shook his head.

Instead, we just started to have a relaxed chat and tried to see what could interest me. He even really tore a piece of paper from his notebook and wrote down which buzzwords are currently 'hot'. It started to remind me of Eric from the last interesting job interview, as he also started to motivate me to become a self-employed freelancer. "Just make yourself a profile on LinkedIn, that is where the magic is happening these days. We now don't even email people any more, we screen them straight through their online profile. Don't forget to study the new Cloud-hype, it is extremely interesting, and check the Windows Azure-platform!"

Even though I saw the other offices empty (the weekend had started), we were still having a nice conversation, apparently Georges didn't mind to make some overtime. We pulled up Google Maps and looked at the satellite picture of the lodge.

When the talk drew to a close, Georges gave me a card and told me "make sure you refer to me when you make your profile on LinkedIn". We shook hands and off I went.

I had spent more than 3 hours in the train for a conversation of merely 45 minutes, but still it was worth it. The whole way back home, I had a huge smile on my face and looked forward to actually start to work for myself.

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