Thursday, August 11, 2011

Most Interesting Job Interview Ever

Taken from English Preperation
Now that Megumi has gone to Norway, I focused on the job hunt again.

Still, I don't feel completely comfortable going back to a desk job after being a hotel manager for the past two years. My personal preference at the moment go to short term projects or part time jobs, I want to have some time apart from the daytime job to be able to start on my own.

Today I had two interviews, both in Brussels. The one of this morning went very fluently, I felt some kind of connection with the candidate employer, but still my worry (which I mentioned above) was nagging at the back of my head.

So when I went to the second interview, for a different company, I was still a bit cross about that feeling. While the interviewer was explaining the several options at his place, I politely interrupted him and inquired whether they weren't maybe in need of a freelancer.

The interviewer, let's call him Eric, gathered his papers together and put it at the side of the desk, crossed his arms and looked me straight in the eyes, explaining me that they were really looking for a long term commitment. So I told him that I didn't feel that need.

Eric understood my interruption and instead of cutting the meeting short, we had a more open talk now. He told me about his own experiences as a freelancer and pointed out to me that my CV needed some updating if I wanted to look in that direction.

He actually really motivated me to start a business on my own 'as IT is booming at the moment, make yourself a profile on recruiting websites like Monster and, and then wait until you have an interesting deal. After closing the deal, contact Unizo to get your BTW number (VAT registration), it is done in only 15 minutes and will cost 180 euro, after that you are a freelancer. It is that simple. But update your CV and put more focus on the concrete projects that you have completed instead of giving vague job descriptions.'

After that we stood up and shook hands. The last thing Eric said was 'I'm sure you never had a job interview like that before.'

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